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Wengen & Region

High above the Lau­ter­brun­nen val­ley and with a fan­tastic view of the world-famous Jung­frau mas­sif, lies a small patch of para­di­se. But Wen­gen is not only the sun­niest vil­la­ge of the Ber­ne­se Ober­land: at any time of the year, natu­re invi­tes you to be explo­red and enjoy­ed respect­ful­ly.


More than 500km of mar­ked hiking trails are awai­ting your feet! Bet­ween April and Novem­ber, the land­s­cape around Wen­gen offers uni­que hiking trails that allow natu­re-loving peop­le (and tho­se who would like to recon­nect with it again) fan­tastic insights into the flo­ra and fau­na of the Alpi­ne Jung­frau regi­on.


It doesn’t have to be the Eiger north face just yet: four via fer­ra­tas in the Jung­frau regi­on allow even less extre­me­ly incli­ned peop­le to enjoy the rush and sen­se of free­dom only alpi­ne clim­bing can pro­vi­de. In win­ter, the many high alpi­ne moun­tain tours offer spec­ta­cu­lar expe­ri­en­ces and impres­si­ons.

Adventure & Fun

The­re are also plenty of activi­ties for adven­tu­rers off the bea­ten track. Have you ever tried can­yo­ning? Or why not dis­co­ver the Jung­frau region’s third dimen­si­on: From heli­cop­ter tours to para­gli­ding with an expe­ri­en­ced tan­dem pilot, there’s enough opti­ons to satis­fy all tas­tes.


Pack your parachu­te! The Lau­ter­brun­nen val­ley hosts over 20,000 jumps per year. with its steep cliffs, green pas­tu­res and bre­ath-taking alpi­ne sce­ne­ry is an ide­al jum­ping area. The par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on is only sui­ta­ble for expe­ri­en­ced and safe base jum­pers.

First Flyer

Buck­le up, and off you go: with the First-Flie­ger you gli­de down a who­le 50 metres over the alpi­ne pas­tu­res into the val­ley. Opti­mal­ly secu­red in the stur­dy har­ness, up to four peop­le can enjoy the race from First to Schreck­feld. Revel in the free­dom of the third dimen­si­on — and dis­co­ver a new per­spec­tive on the Alpi­ne world.


Sum­mer has its fair offer of fast and furious action. Steer your Sum­mer Gemel® over the star­ting line, at 2’225 m above sea level — and enjoy the six-kilo­met­re long descent to the midd­le sta­ti­on Holen­stein! The green tobog­gan run takes you along untouched moun­tain mea­dows and roman­tic Swiss pine forests through the Ber­ne­se Alps.


The fans of lar­ger two-whee­lers will also get their fix in Wen­gen. In just a few minu­tes, the BLM aeri­al cable­way takes you and your bike to Grüt­sch­alp. From here you gli­de down the Grütsch Trail into the val­ley: trail and north shore are­as, stee­ply slo­ping sec­tions and won­der­ful flow pas­sa­ges allow you to over­co­me all bounda­ries.


Around Wen­gen and in the ent­i­re Lau­ter­brun­nen val­ley the­re are various bike trails for all levels. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly recom­mend­a­ble is the Alpi­ne Sta­ge #12: The ascent at the foot of the Eiger north face takes you to Klei­ne Schei­degg, from whe­re you’ll enjoy a flaw­less­ly flo­wing expe­ri­ence in the majes­tic neigh­bour­hood of Eiger, Mönch and Jung­frau — care­ful not to fall in love with this rou­te…

Jungfraujoch / Top of Europe

The icy air sweeps over your face, snow crun­ches under your feet — mean­while, your eyes glance upon the alpi­ne pan­ora­ma, stret­ching over the hori­zon in its most beau­ti­ful splendour. Atop the Jung­frau­joch, 3,454 metres above sea level, the inex­pli­ca­bly over­whel­ming fee­ling per­sists: This is a dif­fe­rent world. One to be expe­ri­en­ced.


Wen­gen offers a varie­ty of activi­ties to make your holi­day unf­or­gett­able.
So that you do not climb the moun­tain in vain, howe­ver, you can always use web­cams about the cur­rent wea­ther con­di­ti­ons in the area. Dis­co­ver Wen­gen live and inter­ac­tive.

Ice Skating

In the midd­le of the vil­la­ge cent­re, young and old ali­ke will get their money’s worth. The open-air ice rink in Wen­gen is appre­cia­ted way bey­ond the Lau­ter­brun­nen val­ley for its super­b­ly pre­pa­red arti­fi­ci­al ice. A char­ming natu­ral ice rink is also avail­ab­le for Christ­mas and New Year (depen­ding on annu­al wea­ther con­di­ti­ons).


Two val­leys, three moun­tain ran­ges and over 200 km of per­fect­ly groo­med slopes: the Jung­frau Ski Regi­on above Wen­gen is one of the most popu­lar and spec­ta­cu­lar win­ter sports desti­na­ti­ons in Euro­pe. From gent­le pis­tes and fun parks to chal­len­ging steep slopes and race tracks, the­re is ever­y­thing your heart desi­res.


From Wen­gen, the aeri­al cable­way takes you direct­ly to Männ­li­chen sta­ti­on — and to the fun of tobog­ga­ning! The exci­ting rou­te leads over 1000 meters down into the val­ley and offers (bes­i­des a bre­ath­ta­king view) a lot of fun for young and old.

Winter hiking

Around the Lau­ber­horn the­re are various won­der­ful win­ter hiking trails that cover all levels of expe­ri­ence. The rou­te lengths ran­ge from a few kilo­metres easi­ly mana­ge­ab­le during an after­noon to exten­si­ve dai­ly rou­tes. Hands down the best oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy the beau­ty of natu­re from up clo­se.

Cross-country skiing

Around Wen­gen the­re are 27 km of cross-coun­try trails, most of which are also sui­ta­ble for begin­ners. The rou­te “Lau­ter­brun­nen-Ste­chel­berg-Lau­ter­brun­nen” with its 12km is one of the lon­gest in the regi­on: it leads past the white Lüts­chi­ne and icy water­falls and ends at the rear of the Lau­ter­brun­nen val­ley.


Cur­ling com­bi­nes pre­ci­si­on work with play­ful rela­xa­ti­on: fun is the main focus, and the win­ner will be the one who app­lies his fine touch to the best stones. There’s hard­ly a bet­ter place to learn the tra­di­tio­nal sport: on the Wen­gen arti­fi­ci­al ice rink offers cove­r­ed and open-air are­as ali­ke. Les­sons can be boo­ked during the win­ter sea­son.

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